Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sleeting Outside and I'm Wearing This?


Some of you had asked in my last video if I would start doing outfits of the day and just what I'm wearing and such, so here it is! Not that impressive today I know, lol. I needed to get my SLR out and take pictures, but instead I just used my little camera. It's currently 30 degrees outside and sleeting. I know, some of you northern peeps are probably thinking, really girl, that's not cold at all.

You guys probably already heard me talking about me making soap. Yes, it is my new found hobby now, ha. I've been working at it, because it is taking a lot of practice to get it to the point of perfection. I am thinking about opening up a little store on Etsy so sell some of them, once I feel like I get good at it. You can let me know what you guys think though! I was hoping to get my little peppermint stars to that point before Christmas, but it looks like it might be a little too late now. They feel really good though! I didn't want to just do a normal peppermint soap I wanted it to have that cooling sensation as well, and that's just what I incorporated into it. I had fell in love with this body wash soap they sell at Boots in London, so that was what really had me inspired to try to make something similar to it.

I hope you all are enjoying your holiday!

I was in a black and white mood, ha.

Shirt- Nordstrom (grey), Vintage pearl necklace & earrings

Seven Jeans (Denim Skinny)


For a future video I'm doing a question and answer, so if you guys have any questions you would like to ask for the video feel free to ask me a question here!


Mel said...

I would love to buy soap! I actually have an Etsy store and really it's my favorite site! I crochet things! Right now I have some baby hats and some blankets on there! Check it out if you want!

Love your blog!

Jacqueline Layne said...

I love the fringe on the boots! They rock!


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