Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This and That

To start things off, hello. Yes I know, I am bad on this front with updating my blog. Hopefully I will be improving slightly. These are just some of my favorite products I have found at the moment and then also just a few new things I have picked up along the way.

When I was in London I was really wanting some Keds. I had bought some shoes from Primark that were similar, but of course no comparison and were no match for the London lifestyle, walking. I haven't had Keds since I was little! It was a nice flash back!

There is this shop that is dedicated to just selling socks. I've been going here since I was little and they always have the cutest socks!

This is a Lucky Brand shirt (guys) that I have been wanting to get so I could cut out the neck. I'll have to show you the finished product after I'm done altering it, ha.

As a lot of you may have read on my Twitter, I was on a mission last week to find the "Gray's Anatomy" nail polish from Wet N Wild. One of my followers, I forget her username now. She told me she finally saw them at Walgreens and sure enough I go to Wallgreens and there they are. They are $1.99 and the craziest part is this is seriously the longest lasting nail polish I have ever used! These also dry fast!

"Gray's Anatomy"

"Saved By The Blue"

"How I met Your Magenta"

 I usually don't buy many drugstore cover up sticks, but my friend had this one and let me just say it is amazing. This is probably one of the best concealer sticks I have ever tried.