Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sleeting Outside and I'm Wearing This?


Some of you had asked in my last video if I would start doing outfits of the day and just what I'm wearing and such, so here it is! Not that impressive today I know, lol. I needed to get my SLR out and take pictures, but instead I just used my little camera. It's currently 30 degrees outside and sleeting. I know, some of you northern peeps are probably thinking, really girl, that's not cold at all.

You guys probably already heard me talking about me making soap. Yes, it is my new found hobby now, ha. I've been working at it, because it is taking a lot of practice to get it to the point of perfection. I am thinking about opening up a little store on Etsy so sell some of them, once I feel like I get good at it. You can let me know what you guys think though! I was hoping to get my little peppermint stars to that point before Christmas, but it looks like it might be a little too late now. They feel really good though! I didn't want to just do a normal peppermint soap I wanted it to have that cooling sensation as well, and that's just what I incorporated into it. I had fell in love with this body wash soap they sell at Boots in London, so that was what really had me inspired to try to make something similar to it.

I hope you all are enjoying your holiday!

I was in a black and white mood, ha.

Shirt- Nordstrom (grey), Vintage pearl necklace & earrings

Seven Jeans (Denim Skinny)


For a future video I'm doing a question and answer, so if you guys have any questions you would like to ask for the video feel free to ask me a question here!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Destroyed Face Tutorial For Halloween?

Alright guys! So I didn't have time to do a video tutorial on this before Halloween since my classes are a bit hectic right now, but I wanted to get this up for some of you wondering how to do this before Halloween rolls around. I just did this quick and did it on my hand. Usually I would do this on both sides of my face. So just imagine this on my face and not on my hand, lol.

This is a picture of my friend and the wound that I had originally done. The colors are a little off. I had took it on my phone.

Starting out you need a cup of flour. Depending on how big of an area you want you can add more or less as needed. For my face I usually half a cup, but I like having my full cup, because a piece will break off or I might mess up and want to re-apply.

Next add some water. You want to make sure it isn't runny. It needs to be clumpy and stir it up well so that the water is all mixed in with the flour.

It should look something like this when you have it mixed in. Start taking small pieces from the batch.

Make sure you dip your fingers into fresh flour, just as you would if you were making biscuits so the flour you are working with doesn't stick all over your hands.

This is the palette I'm working with, but unfortunatly I've had forever and it doesn't have a brand on it. Any palette with a wide variety of colors will do though.

Apply however much you want to, to create your wound and then smooth out the bottom.
I got this palette a long time ago, so I have no idea what brand it is. Just as long as you can find some colors that are a brown and yellow you're good. I started applying this around where I wanted the wound. Apply the brown first all around and then spreading it out a little and then adding yellow in at spots to make it look bruised.

Next add some black on top of the flour you have applied and then add some around the wound.

Next for the painting process I'm using face paint. Any face paint is fine. Make sure especially you're in fact using face paint, so if you are applying this on your face you won't discolor your skin. I'm using a red. With a paint brush I'm going to apply the red all over the wound.

Apply gently some black eyeshadow on top of the red, but not fully covering it.

Next I'm going to apply more of the brown eye shadow and yellow down towards my knuckles.

Now you have it! A fresh wound! Enjoy! And happy Halloween!


Friday, October 22, 2010

Brand New To This!


Okay, so I know some of you guys in the past have asked me if I was going to be starting a  blog, so I thought I would just give it a trial run and see how it goes. I've had questions asked to post somethings that I have found I couldn't really post on my Twitter, so that's why I am finally making my own blog!

I had a comment on my Sanyo review that I did on my YouTube channel about posting some pictures I have taken with the camera, so I just wanted to quickly post a few test shots I did.

So if this whole blog things turns out to be a success I'll put a little more work into it and create my own layout and stuff, lol.

Thanks guys!